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Achiq Yoga
by Gabriela

Aqchiq/ achiq / achik in quechua means enlightened, luminous, brilliant. I was proudly inspired from my Latin-American roots and the powerful legacy of my ancestors.

My mission is share light, energy and joy to everyone in order to help them to be aligned and live in harmony. How? by empowering beings, cultivating inner peace and happiness through a holistic approach (mental, physical and spiritual) of yoga, sound healing and Bach flowers and thus to contribute to raise our consciousness, our vibration, self-love, health and well-being.

About me

After a little over 10 years spent in economics and finance, in my quest for meaning, I decided to fulfill one of my dearest dreams: to become a yoga teacher.

Yoga is an art of living, a philosophy to be practiced “on and off the mat”.

I am a very intuitive and spontaneous yoga teacher, but I am also disciplined and caring.

I encourage my students to explore their body, to concentrate, to meditate and to do the asanas (the postures) in full consciousness in order to freely adapt their practice to their needs. I am there to accompany them and guide them safely.

When I’m not studying or teaching yoga I enjoy discovering my new life of entrepreneur, cooking (and eating) but most of all I enjoy dancing.

Plus sur moi


Yoga vritti chitta nirodha

Yoga helps Stilling the whirlpools of the mind (Yoga Sutra 1.2 Patanjali)



In Hatha Yoga : the asanas are sequenced slowly and we maintain them for a few minutes. It combines breath control and concentration while developing our strength and flexibility.


Yoga Vinyasa is a creative, fluid and dynamic sequence of asanas, all synchronized with the breath.


Yin Yoga is a gentler practice, which is very beneficial for connective tissues: tendons, ligaments, fascias and joints.

The postures are held for a long time (between 1 to 20 min) in a state of intense relaxation without any muscular engagement and accompanied by slow and deep breathing.

Pre and post natal

Dr. Gasquet's prenatal and post-natal yoga combines breathing exercises with traditional yoga postures.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a highly beneficial guided meditation, concentration and contemplation allowing us to experience a state of intense relaxation, putting you into a state of consciousness that sits on the border between waking and sleeping.

Meditations and Sound Bath

Thanks to the effects of sound vibrations on our body we can experience a deep state of relaxation and letting go.


Corporate / private classes


Thanks to my business experience, I can offer you great practices to improve business life, bring together teams, calm stress and why not help you lead a more balanced life.

For example, I offer tailor-made courses, innovative team building workshops, meditation methods before brainstorming... experiences adapted to your needs in terms of time and size of staff. My main focus is on people and the benefits of yoga and meditation in business.


Want to have a personalized course adapted to your needs, I am here for you.

Fleurs de Bach

Bach flowers

In my desire to help people to be aligned and live in harmony, I became a certified consultant

in Bach flowers. Bach flowers are 100% natural flower elixirs, they act on emotional imbalances,character, personality, temperament or attitudes.

Bach Flowers do not replace any medical treatment, they harmonize emotions. It is a supplement, a natural aid, without side effects, without contraindications, without addiction, recommended for everyone including children and animals and can be used in addition to traditional therapy to address our needs in a more holistic approach.


Studio planning


  • 12:00 p.m.: Vinyasa flow At Alpha Coaching



  • 8:00 a.m.: Hatha Flow At Alpha Coaching

  • 18:00 p.m.: Hatha Yoga  At  TrainmePro







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Yoga Practice


  • Private lesson at home 100€/ 1H – 150€/1h30

  • Private online lesson 50€ /1H - 65€/ 1h30

  • Pack 10 private lessons of 1H: 840€ (valid 3 mos)

  • Pack 4 private lessons of 1H: 320 € (valid 1 mos)

  • Pack duo private lesson at home 110€/1H

  • Semi-private lesson at home (from 2/3 persons): €50

  • Corporate lessons 120€ /1H – 170€/1H30

  • Bach Flower Consultation 1H: 80 € (includes a 30ml personalized remedy)


Une prof de yoga douce et très pro !

Gabriela est très accueillante, elle vous met de suite à l'aise quel que soit votre niveau. Elle corrigeait mes positions tout le long du cours si besoin, parfait pour s'améliorer !
L'ambiance était top aussi, et en plus, elle a une voix très apaisante et sereine : ça m'a permis de me déconnecter et de me recentrer sur moi, tous les bienfaits du yoga :)


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