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Yoga vritti chitta nirodha

Yoga helps Stilling the whirlpools of the mind (Yoga Sutra 1.2 Patanjali)


In Hatha Yoga : the asanas are sequenced slowly and we maintain them for a few minutes. It combines breath control and concentration while developing our strength and flexibility.

We seek the balance and harmonization of two energies Ha (the sun / the body) and Tha (the moon / the mind), through the practice of asanas for the purpose of stability of the mind.

This practice is accessible at all levels, we focus on the sensations, we discover our bodies, we experiment together in benevolence and non-judgment. I adapt my class to the needs of my students and take into consideration our perfectly different bodies.



Yoga Vinyasa is a creative, fluid and dynamic sequence of asanas, all synchronized with the breath.

Thanks to the fluid transitions allowing to pass from one asana to another we create energy, develop endurance, strength, flexibility while calming the mind. The course is accessible to all levels with an emphasis on alignments and supports.

I teach vinyasa under the sign of determination and good mood, we are all able to take up challenges at our own pace with absolute respect for our bodies and their abilities. It is a real challenge, not only physical but also mental, observation and non-judgment are key in the practice of vinyasa.



Yin Yoga is a gentler practice, which is very beneficial for connective tissues: tendons, ligaments, fascias and joints.

The postures are held for a long time (between 1 to 20 min) in a state of intense relaxation without any muscular engagement and accompanied by slow and deep breathing.

The key is stillness, acceptance and trust.

The practice of Yin allows a complete relaxation of all accumulated tensions, a letting go, a connection with one's inner self while harmonizing energies and bringing serenity. We are in total tune with our body and the different sensations.

The practice of Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to dynamic practices.

In my Yin classes I invite my students to trust, to use any props needed to hold the postures, to listen to their inner-self and to let go. I can accompany my sessions by reading inspiring texts, positive affirmations and sound baths.


Pre and post natal

Dr. Gasquet's prenatal and post-natal yoga combines breathing exercises with traditional yoga postures.

PRE NATAL Yoga for pregnant women it is a practice allowing them to keep a gentle but intense physical activity, to help soothing any kind of discomfort, to work on breathing and above all to prepare them for the day of childbirth in complete serenity.

POST-NATAL yoga is designed for after birth, right out of the maternity ward, the Dr.Gasquet’s method is recommended even before perineal rehabilitation. In these classes, mothers get back into shape, protect the perineum and gradually strengthen the abdominals. Baby is welcome during the session.


I guide you in a practice that connects you with your body, your baby, your power. For keeping the mom in shape, to prepare them for this wonderful experience with confidence and trust.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a highly beneficial guided meditation, concentration and contemplation allowing us to experience a state of intense relaxation, putting you into a state of consciousness that sits on the border between waking and sleeping.

In this passive and active state, our bodies can rest. This allows healing to occur within the body as it resets the nervous system.

Thanks to this technique where the body is perfectly still, we can let go of deep psychic tensions, improve sleep, have better management of stress and emotions, let go and regenerate by taking care of our body and our health.

I accompanied my Nidra classes to the sound of crystal bowls, aligned to the 432hz frequency of healing. This class is an immersive experience in intense relaxation and a sound healing session, amplifying the benefits for your body and mind.

The course is open to everyone and is especially beneficial for people who deal with high stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation and struggle to let go.


Meditations and Sound bath

Thanks to the effects of sound vibrations on our body we can experience a deep state of relaxation and letting go.

Meditation accompanied by vibrations helps to evacuate stress, lower the heart rate, and stimulate the parasympathetic system. We gain in serenity, quality of sleep, concentration and feeling of well-being.


I use crystal bowls and chimes to complement the meditations. My goal is to help you relax, feel aligned and allow you to access another way of meditating.


Corporate / Private Classes


Thanks to my business experience, I can offer you great practices to improve business life, bring together teams, calm stress and why not help you lead a more balanced life.

For example, I offer tailor-made courses, innovative team building workshops, meditation methods before brainstorming... experiences adapted to your needs in terms of time and size of staff. My main focus is on people and the benefits of yoga and meditation in business.


Want to have a personalized course adapted to your needs, I am here for you.​​

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