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Bach flowers

In my desire to help people to be aligned and live in harmony, I became a certified consultant

in Bach flowers. Bach flowers are 100% natural flower elixirs, they act on emotional imbalances,

character, personality, temperament or attitudes. Bach Flowers do not replace any medical treatment,

they harmonize emotions. It is a supplement, a natural aid, without side effects, without contraindications, without addiction, recommended for everyone including children and animals and can be used in addition to traditional therapy to address our needs in a more holistic approach.

The Bach flowers were developed by Dr. Edward Bach, British physician. He affirms that negative emotional states can influence our state of health, indeed a negative state of mind and unaddressed emotions are the main causes of ill-being and therefore of illnesses

"Behind any illness, there are our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our tastes and our repugnances. Let us look for them, take care of them, and with their healing the disease from which we suffer will go away. »Dr. Bach

The goal is to restore emotional balance.

There are 38 Bach flowers (39 with the "Rescue remedy" for emergencies). Each of them targets an emotion, a personality and a mood. These floral preparations are classified into 7 categories associated with 7 emotional states

  • Fear,

  • Uncertainty,

  • Loneliness,

  • Lack of interest in the present,

  • Sadness or despair,

  • Hypersensitivity,

  • Excessive concern for the welfare of others.

Whether it's for a job interview, for an identified fear, for stress at work... our emotions can affect our well-being. Let me welcome you by appointment to make a personalized assessment and concoct a mixture of Bach flowers totally harmonious and adapted to your needs.

Are you intrigued? More details ? Want a personalized assessment?

Contact me !

Meetings in English, in French and in Spanish.

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